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The Glowdive QR Control is a way to adjust GoPro settings by placing QR codes in front of the camera. This is a huge advantage underwater because you don't have to navigate through complicated menus to change the settings or pre-program modes on land. With just one code, you can adjust many parameters instantly: resolution, fps, angle of view, exposure compensation, white balance, ISO, etc., or simply modify a parameter that interests you, such as slightly darkening the exposure or varying the white balance.


How does it work?

It works with GoPros from 7 to 12. You need to install a firmware on the camera. This firmware is developed by GoPro for GoPros 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 (only Black versions). It is not a standard firmware update but a parallel firmware. It takes a minute to install with no risk to the camera. It doesn't change anything in the menus or alter the settings you already have in the camera. It simply greatly expands the camera's capabilities by adding new functions.

Descarga el firmware correspondiente a tu cámara:
(Estos firmwares están desarrollados por GoPro y Glowdive no se hace responsable de cualquier daño que se pudiera producir en la cámara durante su instalación)

GoPro Hero 12 Black v2.00.70, December 2023
GoPro Hero 11 Black v2.20.70, November 2023
GoPro Hero 10 Black v1.50.70, January 2023
GoPro Hero 9 Black v1.72.70, June 2022
GoPro Hero 8 Black v2.51.75, July 2022
GoPro Hero 7 Black v1.90.71, January 2021

To install it, unzip the ZIP file and copy the "UPDATE" folder onto the camera's memory card. Insert the card into the camera. When you turn on the camera, the firmware will be installed. During the installation, the camera will turn off and on. Do not manipulate it until it has finished.

Once the firmware is installed, you can start configuring the GoPro to display three lines with your data on the screen. To change the content of these lines, create your own QR code here.

In that link, you can create a customized code so that your data appears on the screen for a few seconds when you turn on the GoPro. The rest of the functions are controlled using the codes that appear in the QR notebook.

Once you have installed it, do not update the camera firmware as it will cancel out the QR firmware and you will have to install it again. If you want to update the camera firmware, you can do so and then reinstall the QR firmware. If you connect the GoPro to your phone, pay attention to the app's suggestions for updating the firmware.

What is Glowdive GoPro QR Control?

GoPro QR control underwater settings It is a waterproof notebook with 42 QR codes that allow you to control your GoPro underwater very quickly. Simply place the QR code in front of the camera and it will automatically configure the camera, instantly and easily. It also includes global configurations so that the camera is set with optimal settings for minimal battery consumption and ideal parameters for filming underwater.

If you are a more advanced user and want to precisely adjust exposure, white balance, shutter speed, ISO, angle of view, fps, resolution, there are QR codes to change these parameters individually without altering the rest of the settings you have configured. Exposure lock is also available.

The underwater use notebook comes with plastic sheets and includes general presets for environment and close-up/macro shots, as well as individual adjustments for: Exposure Compensation, ISO, White Balance, Shutter Speed (very useful for silhouettes and lighting with snoot, backlighting...), fps, resolution, zoom... The possibilities are endless.

White balance can be locked in the GoPro 9 and GoPro 11-12

GoPro Model Compatibility

The QR notebook can be used with GoPro Black models from 7 to 11. Each model requires the installation of its corresponding firmware (above). When a new GoPro model is released, it usually takes a few weeks to release the new firmware.

The available functions accessible by QR will depend on the features of each GoPro model. For example, the code to set the resolution to 5.3K will not work on cameras that do not have this feature.

There are a couple of functions that are limited in the GoPro 7, which are the codes that increase and decrease exposure compensation and white balance using an up and down code. But this is not a limitation since you can still choose exactly the amount of underexposure you want or choose the exact white balance using the corresponding QR code.

The white balance locking function at the beginning of exposure is only available for the GoPro 9 and soon for the 11. This is a limitation of GoPro that has not implemented this function in the other models.

The size of the notebook is 11 x 15cm. You can carry it in a BCD pocket or comfortably attach it to a rin with the bungy loop included. It comes with a rope with a carabiner and a bungee cord to keep it secure and prevent it from dangling.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, YOU HAVE TOTAL CONTROL !!

LAUNCH PRICE : 55 €+ 13 € International Shipping

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